Posted by: Reginald Cyntje | March 7, 2016

Cyntje Music, LLC


What is Cyntje Music, LLC?

It is a one stop music boutique!

But to be more specific, this new company will offer booking services as well as artist services to musicians. I’ve extended the artist roster to feature four distinct groups. As the company grows, we will start booking gigs for more artists.

In addition to booking gigs, Cyntje Music, LLC will offer affordable artist services to include arranging, composing, recording, curating, music production, social media and more.
Visit the site at

We offer assistance with organizing your next recording.
We offer assistance with music career building.
We offer tips on writing an appealing artist bio. We also offer assistance with enhancing your existing biography to ensure you catch the attention of potential clients.
We offer assistance with branding.
We offer curating services.
We offer assistance with developing a fan club/following.
We offer arranging/composing services. We can help you bring the music in your head to life.
We offer assistance with website development.
We offer assistance with social, digital and traditional media management.
We offer assistance with media and public relations.
We offer assistance with developing your personal approach to stage presence.
We offer assistance with starting a band.
We offer assistance with ensemble coaching.
We offer assistance with marketing and merchandising.
We offer assistance with effective crowdfunding strategies.

We are excited to serve you.


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