Q. Will you write lyrics?

A. I don’t think I am interested in writing lyrics now.

Q. Why?

A. Well, music is divided. It is a cultural taste that people acquire. I love beautiful lyrics but the music must be appropriate. Knowing this about myself, I’d rather let the reader apply the music they like as they read. Use their imagination to conjure up scenery. I might be the character they see or someone else. They might hear my music or no music. I just want the story to be told.

Q. Do you separate writing from composing?

A. No. Like composing, I’m inspired by a thought, an event, a lesson, a story. The feeling is intense to articulate so I do so with words and/or notes.

Q. What do you want people to get from your writing?

A. I want them to get whatever they feel. The writings are based on life, love and music.

Q. Is this your story?

A. Some of it is…I had to include a part of me. Sometimes all of me. Those who know me can separate fiction from fact. Those that don’t can wonder…

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